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Look at it this way. If you can’t imagine yourself having sex with someone whose traits are unattractive to you (based on anything from gender to body type), you probably feel the way most asexuals do when it comes to willingness to try it anyway. Remember that they likely feel about all sex the way you feel about sex with people who aren’t sexually attractive to you
Goodvibes - How to be an Asexual Ally (via blaizemisc)



  • Asexuality definition
  • Different types of attraction
  • Romantic and Aromantic Orientations
  • Libido/Sex drive and masturbation
  • Grey area
  • Asexual attitudes towards sex/sexuality
  • Symbols / Flag
  • Relationships
  • Misconceptions
  • LGBT inclusion
  • Scientific research and literature
  • Other resources (ex websites, blogs, etc)


  • Dress professionally.
    Dressing professionally allows you to be taken seriously. Dress casual to business casual. Something that would be workplace acceptable. Being fashionable makes a good first impression for the community you are about to represent. Make sure you also maintain personal hygiene and wash your hair.
    Avoid: hats, hoodies, sweatpants, graphic tees, midriffs, mini skirts/shorts, ripped clothes, arm-warmers, “asexy swag” (over-dressing with asexual related material like flag colours, pins, etc).
  • Know your content. 
    Make sure you feel comfortable with how much knowledge you have on asexuality before attempting a presentation. Have answers prepared for any possible questions the audience may have. If you find you cannot answer someone’s question, direct them to where they can find answers (ex. AVEN). You can do this by supplying a list of resources/websites.
    IMPORTANT: Do not read off your powerpoint slides. Memorize what you have in your slides or your notes. Keep eye contact with your audience.
  • Do not use inside slang/jargon.
    Both words we use online/forums and in the community exclusively (ex: “ace”, “asexy”, “trolling”, etc). If you will use that language, make sure your audience knows what you mean (don’t assume people know and understand what you know). Try not to replace asexuality with “ace” too often as it can be seen as tacky. Also important that if you use jokes, avoid ones inside jokes from the asexual or internet community that the general public won’t understand (ex. cake).
  • Keep things simple and concise.
    Not everyone is an intellectual, and they may understand more simpler concepts more easily. In your powerpoint, be sure to use point form. Also use examples and show thought process.
  • Use visual aids.
    To help with visual learners. Informational graphics can convey ideas more clearly and funny images can add a bit of spice and colour to your presentation instead of just (boring) walls of information. Video clips are also very helpful if you know how to incorporate them into your presentation smoothly.
  • Make ample time for setting up.
    If you will be using lots of technology​ and incorporating videos from online, make sure everything is working and will run smoothly during your presentation. It can be awkward for an audience to sit and wait while you fumble around with your computer.
  • Speak audibly and not too fast. Take your time.
    Moving and speaking too fast will lose your audience because they can’t keep up. If you don’t speak loud enough, and your audience won’t be able to hear you, especially with older audiences or people hard of hearing. Keeping that in mind, make sure the text in your powerpoint is a legible size for your audience to read.
  • Keep relaxed and open with your audience.
    Let them know you are there to help them understand. Allow them to ask personal questions (if you would feel more comfortable, tell them they can ask those questions after the presentation and open question time). Also, feel free to share personal experiences/stories as an asexual or with asexual people.
    Don’t get angry with them if they say something that you may find ignorant or if they ask a question you don’t feel comfortable with. Do not assume the intentions of your audience is negative.


Ace and Aro August is a celeration of asexual and aromantic spectum characters in fanfiction taking place from 1st-31st August. Fanfiction is very often centred around romance and sex and it can be difficult to find characters who are asexual or aromantic, not helped by the lack of characters…


Good question, “where are all the asexual men”

Oh goodness! Here I am!

There are several asexual men on tumblr, you could also find asexual men in the asexual documentary on Netflix, a few YouTube videos, and guess what: the founder of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network is an Asexual guy.

I do admit, we are few and far between, (less than 10% of self-identifying asexuals are men) but wouldn’t you know it there are a few reasons for that:

A) lack of visibility (and people like you discrediting asexuality, but more on that later)
B) men are expected to be hypersexual

Now as for you

  • The lack of prevalence of men in any given sexuality shouldn’t be to the discrediting of said sexuality (self-identifying bisexuals are also far more heavily weighted in favor of women, are you biphobic as well?)
  • The fact that you are more willing to arbitrarily diagnose strangers with psychological problems (even one that you admit doesn’t exist) instead of letting people identify as a sexuality that shouldn’t affect you at all speaks volumes about your unhealthy levels of pride and sense of superiority
  • You quite frankly are very selective on your use of the DSM, as the most recent edition plainly states that asexuality is not a symptom of a psychological disorder (twice I believe)
  • You obviously have been observing asexuals for quite some time to know the tags we use, and have used that time to selectively cherry pick half true information just to get notes, and to further discredit the legitimacy of our orientation. Kindly leave the ace tags.


A SEXUAL LIFE is NOW competing at the Audience Award!

Its going to be from Jun 23 - Jul 14, 2014.

LET’S BLAST IT OUT IN THE WORLD so we might have a chance of winning!!!

Here is the link:

Please share, send to family, friends and colleges and ask for their kindly support to vote for us. And if we don’t win, at least the film and the message will reach a lot of people, and that’s really important. 


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